Want Liposuction? 3 Tips To Improve Your Experience

Whether you have lost a significant amount of weight or never genuinely struggled with your weight, it is common to have stubborn areas of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. Fortunately, liposuction can help you achieve the ideal shape. Before you commit to having the procedure, there are ways you can improve your experience and satisfaction with the results.

Consider Tumescent Anesthesia

Many cases of traditional liposuction are performed under general anesthesia. As with any invasive procedure, the anesthesia used has its own set of risks. To eliminate the risks associated with general anesthesia more practitioners are tumescent techniques. With this form of anesthesia you are awake during the procedure. The area receiving liposuction is anesthetized using lidocaine.

Since lidocaine has a toxicity of approximately 5mg/kg without epinephrine and 7mg/kg with epinephrine, it is mixed with sterile saline to allow larger areas to be anesthetized. Small areas of skin are anesthetized as normal with lidocaine to allow a small hole to be placed in the skin. A cannula is inserted into the skin that will be used to inject the lidocaine and saline mix. Being awake during the procedure means there is less post-operative recovery time and you can go home quickly after the procedure.

Find The Right Procedure

There are different variants of liposuction and you should choose the procedure that best fits your needs. For example, if you need a small amount of contouring, traditional liposuction might be more than necessary. You should consider less invasive methods of contouring your body, such as laser liposuction or coolsculpting. Although it takes longer to see the results because the fat is not immediately removed from your body, you will experience less swelling and little or no recovery time. Of course, when you need signification body contouring, you will likely benefit more from traditional liposuction.

Have Realistic Expectations

Liposuction is designed for stubborn areas of fat that cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise or to achieve a more aesthetic balance to your body. As with any body contouring procedure, it is up to you to maintain the results. Although the fat is removed from your body, if you are a person who struggles with your weight, you may find it is easy to undo the procedure. Ideally, if you had a significant weight loss and want to use liposuction as a way to achieve your desired shape, you should consider waiting at least a year after you reach your goals before having the procedure. This will give you time to maintain your goal weight and possibly make tweaks in your diet and exercise that you can sustain to avoid compromising the procedure later.

The decision to have liposuction may seem easy, but there are several factors you need to consider. Before making the investment, be sure you have the appropriate mindset and select the procedure that is best for you.

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