Here Comes The Sneezing: How To Prepare For Seasonal Allergies

Spring is here. Time to prepare for those dreaded allergies. Spring allergies can wreak havoc on your life, making it virtually impossible to function with a clear head – or nose. Luckily, you don't have to suffer. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for the onslaught of allergy season.

Schedule an Allergy Test

If you haven't had an allergy test yet, you need to take care of that. Knowing that you have allergies isn't the same thing as knowing what those allergies are. According to statistics, 55% of Americans have tested positive for at least one allergen. Knowing what your allergies are will allow you to treat the symptoms properly. You might be surprised to find out how many things you're allergic to. Some of those allergens might be right inside your own home.

Do Your Spring Cleaning

Now that it's time to do your spring cleaning, plan around your allergies. There are areas of your home that could be posing serious allergy risks for you.


Dust can really wreak havoc on your allergies. To keep your symptoms under control, vacuum your home several times a week. Be sure to use a vacuum with a built-in filter system.


Mold can also cause severe allergy symptoms. Inspect your sinks and repair any leaks you might find. If you find mold in your cabinets, wash the surface with warm water and bleach. Be sure to wear a face mask to prevent allergy symptoms from flaring up.


Pollen and other allergens can be living in your home's ventilation system. If you suffer from allergies, you should change your furnace filter about once a month. This will help keep your air clean.

Allergy-Proof Yourself

You might not realize this, but you could be carrying allergens around on your body. To keep those allergens away, change your clothes as soon as you come home for the day. Place your dirty clothes in a hamper. Placing them on your bed could spread allergens to your sheets. It's also important for you to take a shower before heading to bed. A nightly shower will get those allergens off your face, and out of your hair, so you can breathe easier.

Plan Around the Pollen Levels

If hay fever, and other seasonal allergies get you down, plan your activities around the fluctuating pollen levels. Many online website provide current pollen readings for specific regions. Knowing the pollen levels will help you avoid outside activities when the threats to your health are at their highest.

If you've got allergies, it's time to prepare for spring. The tips provided here will help you control the symptoms so they don't control you. Talk to your allergist about other ways to get your allergies under control. 

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