3 Reasons To Get An Annual Physical Exam

One of the most important tools at your disposal in order to maintain your health is an annual physical exam, mostly because this can give your doctor the opportunity to look for any potential health issues. Listed below are three reasons to get an annual physical exam.

Catch Serious Diseases Sooner

One of the biggest reasons to get an annual physical exam is in order to catch any potentially serious or fatal diseases as soon as possible. This is extremely useful because if you can catch a serious disease, such as cancer, before any of the major symptoms show up and force you to go to the doctor it can greatly increase the effectiveness of the cancer treatments. In fact, starting treatment of many diseases early is a great way to improve your chances of surviving the illness and increasing the success rate of the treatments.

Save Money

Another reason an annual physical exam is important is because it can save you quite a bit of money. In many cases, you will not actually have to spend any money for the physical exam because most insurance companies will actually pay for the entire exam. The reason that the insurance company will pay for the entire exam is the same reason that you should get an annual physical exam, the fact that catching a relatively minor issue and treating it before it turns into a major issue is going to cost a lot less than dealing with the health issue when it has grown or expanded into something more serious or that affects multiple systems within your body.

Get Exercise Recommendations

Finally, an annual physical exam is a great time to get exercise recommendations if you are looking to start trying to get back into shape. The reason for this is the doctor will be able to look over your entire body and advise you as to what kind of exercises your body can actually handle. This is very useful because you do not want to dive headlong into a strenuous exercise program only to discover after the fact that your knees or joints were not up to the strain due to your weight or that you had a heart issue that was worsened due to the strenuous exercise.

Speak to your doctor or Summit View Clinic today about scheduling an annual physical exam and in order to discuss the various benefits of that physical exam can provide. You will want to make sure that you get an annual physical exam because it can help you catch serious diseases sooner, save you money, and get exercise recommendations.

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