Three Reasons To Consider Assisted Living For Elderly Family Members

If you have a loved one who is aging and is struggling to meet the daily requirements of self-care, keeping house and other needs, you might be thinking about an assisted living facility. Sometimes, family members hesitate to approach an assisted living transition because they don't want their loved one to feel abandoned. You can ease your worries when you understand a few of the many advantages to this type of living environment.


One of the most important considerations for those who are considering an assisted living facility is the safety of the environment. When left alone in their own home, older family members who struggle may risk injury or oversight, including things like missing meals, missing medications or even slipping and falling. For those with memory concerns, forgetting a pot on the stove can be disastrous. Assisted living environments are designed specifically to ensure the safety of each of the residents without being overbearing. You can rest easy knowing that there's someone there to respond immediately if anything should happen.


Particularly for seniors who live alone and don't have a lot of opportunity for local activities or social events, moving into an assisted living facility can actually be a welcome change. The social interaction available in these environments can even be medically beneficial for seniors. Assisted living facilities typically have many different events going on regularly. This provides many opportunities for socialization and activities, so your loved one won't be bored or isolated anymore.

Along with these structured activities like card games, art classes and dances, your family member will spend their days in an environment surrounded by others just like them, which makes it easier to form new friendships and get to know people.

The activity opportunities don't stop at the social functions. In fact, when you're concerned about your loved one's sedentary life habits, moving into an assisted living facility can be just the answer. Most assisted living facilities also offer exercise and physical opportunities. This is important, because the more active your loved one stays, the healthier he or she will be. From Tai Chi and Zumba to yoga or water aerobics, all of these things will help with physical toning and strength.


Many seniors strive to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, which can put them at risk when daily activities become a challenge. An assisted living facility offers support for major safety concerns without the high cost associated with adapting a traditional home. For example, there's no need to invest in things like shower bars and seats or medical alarm systems. The assisted living environment is designed for ease of mobility and function.

If meal preparation and nutrition are concerns for your family member, an assisted living environment can be beneficial for that, too. The dietary services department can provide in-room meals for those who aren't comfortable with group dining, but they also usually serve larger groups in dining rooms and other common areas. This provides a chance for socialization in addition to meals.

Many assisted living facilities also offer things like shopping services, appointment transportation and even housekeeping services. This takes the pressure off for seniors who are struggling with driving, walking in stores and keeping up with housework.

These are just a few of the benefits of choosing an assisted living facility for elderly family members. If someone you care about is aging and struggling to stay ahead of the routine needs of daily life, an assisted living facility might be able to offer the support that is necessary without taking away the independence that he or she is striving to maintain. Talk with a local assisted living facility in your area about the care solutions available for your elderly family member today.


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