Chiropractic Care And Your Infant: Frequently Asked Questions

From colic and chronic ear infections to constipation and problems breastfeeding, when it comes to caring for a newborn or infant, there are several healthcare issues that can arise. If you're looking for a more holistic, natural approach to treat your infant or newborn's medical woes, your local chiropractic clinic might have the answer you're looking for. If you're wary about taking your newborn or infant to a chiropractor for the first time, don't worry, you're not alone. Here are a few frequently asked questions you might have before taking your baby to the chiropractor:

Is Taking My Newborn or Infant to the Chiropractor Safe?

As a parent, your first concern is your child's safety. Naturally, your first question before beginning any kind of holistic or traditional medical regimen would be "Is this safe for my baby?" Rest assured, your chiropractor is well-trained and will treat your baby with the utmost care. The practitioner will use gentle pressure and safe techniques to help your newborn or infant lead a healthy life.

You don't need to worry about your newborn or infant being a specific age before they can seek chiropractic care, as well. As a matter of fact, your chiropractor might recommend you bring your newborn in as quickly as possible. Remember, the birthing process is very physically traumatic for both you and your newborn. Your chiropractor can help you both get healthy much more quickly.

How Will My Baby React?

Another question you might have is whether the adjustments will hurt your baby and if they will cry. Be aware that as your newborn turns into an infant and then into a toddler, there is a chance they will begin to cry even more and resist the process. Rest assured, your newborn or infant isn't feeling any pain.

Instead, chances are they are simply confused and wary of your chiropractor. Don't be surprised if your newborn doesn't make a sound, and your infant or toddler screams and tries to squirm away. This is simply because they're becoming more aware of their surroundings, and they might be a little afraid of the chiropractor and what is going on.

What Issues Can Be Helped by Visiting the Chiropractor?

Your newborn or infant will greatly benefit from visiting the chiropractor on a regular basis, even if they aren't suffering with any conditions. However, there are several issues that newborns and infants commonly deal with that can be treated by your chiropractor, including:

  • General fussiness
  • Colic
  • Acid reflux
  • Problems latching
  • Ear infections and chronic ear aches

If your newborn was diagnosed with a condition called congenital scoliosis, which according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons occurs in one in every 10,000 births, talk to your chiropractor about your non-surgical options.

How Often Should I Bring My Infant to the Office?

The number of times your infant or newborn will need to visit the chiropractor the first year of their life is dependent upon several factors. For example, your chiropractor might suggest bringing in your baby whenever you have an appointment. This will allow you to both get an adjustment, which will save you on an additional trip.The chiropractor might also recommend following the same schedule your doctor provides you. For instance, if your doctor wants you to bring the baby into the office four times during the first year, consider following this schedule with your chiropractor, as well.

Caring for your infant during that first critical year can be overwhelming. Providing your infant with the healthiest future possible is critical, which is why you should speak to your chiropractor about the benefits of this holistic treatment option. There's plenty more information about chiropractic services—click here to check it out.

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