Things to Avoid If You Have Anxiety

Struggling with anxiety is a common issue today, and there is really no good one-size-fits-all solution for it. There are medications that often help, though, and there are activities, such as counseling, that may also provide relief. All of these things are good to look into; but if you really want to find effective relief, there are also certain things you should stay away from. Here are four things that can worsen the symptoms of anxiety.


Caffeine is something people often turn to in the mornings to help them wake up and throughout other parts of the day to keep them going. While caffeine may offer a temporary boost in your energy level, it is not something that is helpful for anxiety. In fact, caffeine may actually cause your anxiety symptoms to worsen. There are several reasons this may occur, including the following.

  • Consuming caffeine can interfere with sleep – If you cannot sleep because you drink too much coffee, your anxiety will worsen. Sufficient sleep is vital for people suffering from anxiety.
  • Caffeine can increase your heartrate – In addition, when you consume caffeine, it may cause your heart rate to go up and leave you feeling jittery.
  • It can cause headaches – If you drink too much coffee or soda that contains caffeine, it could lead to headaches. If you do not feel well, your anxiety symptoms may worsen.

There is really no benefit in drinking products with caffeine in them if you suffer from anxiety.


If you smoke, you may feel irritable if you haven't had a cigarette in a while. Once you smoke it, you may instantly feel a sense of relief, and this may cause you to believe that smoking actually relieves anxiety. Unfortunately, this is not true. In fact, smoking may cause you to have worsened symptoms of anxiety.

One of the main reasons for this is due to the dependence a person develops to nicotine. While smoking you may feel calm, as soon as your brain detects that it needs nicotine, you may become anxious. The longer you have to wait to have that cigarette, the worse the symptoms will become. The nicotine only replaces your natural coping skills, which means your anxiety will be worse when you don't have nicotine. People who smoke may also be at a higher risk for hyperventilating, and this too can lead to anxiety symptoms and attacks.


The third thing you should avoid if you have anxiety issues is alcohol. A lot of people with anxiety and depression will turn to cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs because these things offer temporary relief from the feelings they are experiencing. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol can also worsen the symptoms you have.

When you consume alcohol, it changes chemicals in your brain, including the serotonin your brain produces and releases. The effect of this can be anxiety, so if you currently have anxiety, adding alcohol will only make it worse.


Finally, anxiety can leave a person feeling highly unmotivated, and this often causes the person to sit around doing nothing. Being idle is also something you should avoid when suffering from anxiety. Instead, get up and exercise, even if this is just taking a 30-minute walk each day. Exercising is one of the best forms of natural relief for anxiety, primarily because it helps your brain produce and release endorphins. If your brain produces more endorphins, you might naturally begin to feel a lot better.

Staying away from these four things might make a difference with the way you feel, but you might find even more relief if you replace these things with the right things. If you would like to learn more about natural forms of anxiety relief, contact a doctor at an organization like Rural Health Services Consortium Inc. in your city today. 

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