Contraceptive Confusion: How To Determine What Method Of Contraception Is Best For You

If you feel confused by all the different methods of contraception, you're not alone. Finding the right choice for you and your partner can be overwhelming considering all the choices available. Your friends may tell you what works best for them, but how can you determine what choice is best for you?

Review all your options

Consulting with a women's health clinic or physician you trust is an important first step in reviewing your options. Of course, you can find tons of information online or by listening to your co-workers and friends, but a qualified women's health provider or physician can help you find what is best for your unique needs.

Write down questions before your appointment. Take a list of all your medications and health conditions along to your consultation visit. This will help your health care professional determine what method is safest for you.

Be realistic about your needs

If you are careless about taking medications, the birth control pill may not be your best choice. Birth control pills must be taken consistently to be effective. If you smoke or have a strong family history of blood clots, the birth control pill may carry additional health risks.

If spontaneity is important to you and your partner, barrier methods, such as diaphragms and condoms, are probably not the best fit for your lifestyle. You may want to consider an intrauterine device that is implanted by your physician and enables you to be spontaneous and not have to worry about interrupting the moment.

If you prefer more natural methods of birth control, don't typically react well to medications, and want to stay away from invasive procedures, the condom or diaphragm may be your best option. However, these methods may come with a higher risk of pregnancy. You should discuss correct use of these barrier methods with your health care professional.  You may want to use these methods with a spermicide cream as a back-up precaution.

Be honest about unplanned pregnancy

To select the best method of birth control, you and your partner must have an honest discussion about unplanned pregnancy. Don't assume it will never happen to you. Birth control methods do fail, and the possibility of a pregnancy is something you must be prepared for.

If you are certain you do not want any children, you may want to discuss permanent birth control methods, such as tubal ligation and vasectomy. If you are not planning to have children but wouldn't be devastated by an unplanned pregnancy, traditional birth control methods will probably be a good choice.

Finding the best contraceptive for you and your partner can seem like a daunting task considering all the methods and options available. However, seeking guidance from a trained healthcare professional and being realistic about your needs will help you sort through the confusion and find what works best for you.

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