Three Tips For Understanding Male Sexual Dysfunction

Male sexual dysfunction can take various forms, such as the inability to achieve an erection or unusual changes in libido. Many instances of male sexual dysfunction can be improved by managing underlying conditions or may not be true sexual problems.

Be Mindful Of Your Overall Health

Unfortunately, some men are not cognizant of their overall health until they develop erectile dysfunction (ED) or other sexual problems. Many cases of ED can be prevented by controlling chronic diseases or preventing them from happening at first. Some common medical conditions or health factors that contribute to developing ED are hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, smoking, and excessive alcohol use.

Both diabetes and chronic alcohol use can contribute to neuropathy, potentially damaging the nerves responsible for a normal functioning penis. Conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels, such as hypertension and heart disease, can diminish blood flow to the penis, compromising the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Hormones associated with being an obese male, such as increased estrogen and decreased testosterone, can cause problems with sex drive.

Understand The Mental And Physical Aspects

Various forms of male sexual dysfunction are not only physical problems. There can be significant mental aspects to sexual problems. Depression, anxiety, and stress can all affect sexual performance, whether the desire to have sex diminishes or performance is compromised.

In addition to the mental aspects of sex, some medications used to treat mental health concerns may contribute to the inability to achieve an erection or have an orgasm. This should not stop you from addressing your mental health needs. If you are taking a medication that is causing sexual dysfunction, simply discuss the problem with your mental health professional to find another treatment if the side effects do not improve over time.

Realize Some Age-Related Changes Are Normal

Not all sexual changes you may experience throughout your life are truly dysfunctional. Since changes in hormone levels and natural changes to the male reproductive organs are rarely discussed, some men may erroneously expect to have the same sexual desire and performance indefinitely. It is reasonable to expect changes in your libido will occur throughout your life.

When you are younger, sex may be more important and it is often easier to become aroused. As you become older, you may find your desire for sex decreases and/or getting in the mood for sex may take longer. If you are concerned, it is best to speak with your doctor to gauge what would be considered normal changes versus true dysfunction.

Male sexual dysfunction is a complex issue that may be hidden due to embarrassment about the issue. Learning more about normal versus abnormal changes that may occur throughout your life can make you feel more comfortable addressing the issue with your doctor and partner. For more information, contact local professionals like Advanced Urology Associates.

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