Tips for Reducing Your Lower Back Pain

If you have a lower back pain issue, then you may have a difficult time dealing with the soreness that you experience. This can be extremely troublesome for some individuals, especially since the problem can make it difficult for you to sit, stand, or even lie down comfortably. When the pain develops, you should work with a physician so that medication can assist you with pain management. There also some things that you should do at home to reduce your discomfort. 

Lose Weight

Being overweight is one of the things that can lead to lower back pain issues. This is especially true if you have a lot of extra fat around the midsection. This fat typically lies just underneath the skin and is called the subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous belly fat develops fairly easily when you consume extra calories. However, it also forms when insulin and cortisol levels increase. When the fat develops, it pulls the pelvis forward and creates a great deal of strain on the lower back muscles. 

If you have a belly or even just a small muffin top, then it is wise to try to lose some of the belly fat to reduce lower back pain. Since some of the fat develops due to an increase in insulin levels, you should reduce your intake of both sugary and starchy foods. Eliminate sweets from your diet and also cut down on the white breads, cereals, and other refined carbohydrate foods you consume. You want to replace these foods with protein rich and high-fiber foods. 

Also, you want to cut down on the number of calories that you consume in a given day. Most people consume more than they think they do, so start a food journal so you can track your caloric intake. There are quite a few factors that need to be taken into account when understanding how many calories your body needs in a given day. Height, age, and activity level are all used to determine how many calories your body uses in one day. Typically, this number is close to 1,500 calories. If you want to lose weight and specifically belly fat, then you should reduce your caloric intake to about 1,200. You also should start a high-intensity workout routine. This type of exercise is best to target body fat specifically. 

Strengthen Abdominal and Back Muscles

Lower back pain is often caused by inflammation. This inflammation develops due to muscle strains as well as the movement of the lower part of the spine. Muscles strain because they are not strong enough for the movements that you subject your body to. You want your muscles to be strong so you can move properly and you also want them to support the spine. The lower back and spine is supported by both the back muscles. However, you also need strong abdominal muscles to reduce pressure and stress on the back. For example, a strong individual will use their calf, thigh, and abdominal muscles to lift a heavy object. A weaker person will use mostly their back. 

You want to exercise in a way that the core, or the lower back and the abdominal muscles, is strengthened. Certain exercises will target both sets of muscles at the same time, so start with these exercises if they do not cause additional discomfort. Abdominal presses, crunches, bridges, planks, and supermans are a few examples. If you are having trouble with the exercises, then there are modified versions you can start with. Also, start with only one or two sets.

When you begin your core exercises, complete them about two to three times a week. As you become stronger, complete multiple sets every other day. You can start to use free weights as well as ankle and wrist weight cuffs to build even more strength as you progress. 

For more tips on what you can do to relieve your back pain, work with doctors at facilities like the Pain Relief Center.

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