Thinking About Migraine Surgery? How To Determine If It's Right For You

If you suffer from migraines, finding long-term, effective relief is important. Surgery may be an option for you. Migraine surgery can directly target the source of your pain and help you lead a healthier and more enjoyable life. The question you're probably asking now is "is migraine surgery right for me?"

Clear Diagnosis

A candidate for migraine surgery should have a clear diagnosis from their physician or a specialist like a neurologist. This diagnosis is important because migraines can occur for several different reasons and the procedure used needs to coincide with the type of migraine being experienced for it to be effective.

Migraines are also often misdiagnosed by some people. For example, some people think they are experiencing a migraine when in fact they may have chronic sinus problems. A formal diagnosis is somewhat of a process of elimination that gets to the bottom of the symptoms you're experiencing.

Lifestyle Impact

Just how much of an impact on your lifestyle are your migraines causing you? Migraines are never a pleasant thing, but each person has a different tolerance level, and most importantly, the severity of symptoms can differ. A person with a higher pain threshold that can function normally with migraines may not be a candidate.

However, an individual who has discomfort, can't function fully at work and basically has to close themselves inside when they have a migraine would likely benefit from a surgical procedure greatly. The more of an impact your migraines have on your daily life, the better of a candidate you are.

Failed Methods

The ideal candidate for migraine surgery is also someone who has tried other methods of treatment and has had no success. These methods can include over-the-counter medications and prescriptions, as well as more advanced features like Botox and acupuncture.

While it may not be as invasive as a heart procedure, a migraine procedure is a serious surgical operation nonetheless and should only be undergone when necessary. If you have not tried any other methods to treat your migraines, it might be a good idea to wait before deciding that surgery is the only option for you.

The ultimate decision as to whether migraine surgery is right for you is a decision that you and your physician should make jointly. Your overall health, lifestyle and a host of other factors need to be considered. Sit down with your physician and carefully review your needs and options. Contact a company like Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center to learn more.

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