Why You Shouldn't Buy Clinical Supplies For Nursing School From Your College Bookstore

If you're in nursing school, you might assume that you will be able to purchase all of your supplies at the bookstore, just as you would for many other classes. However, if you're going to school for nursing, you will probably need clinical supplies, such as scrubs and a stethoscope. Even though you might be able to find these items at your college bookstore, you could be better off buying them at a medical supply store. Here's why.

You'll Probably Pay Too Much

As you might already know, the college bookstore probably isn't cheap. If you shop at a medical supply store, you might be able to get the same supplies for a fraction of the price. Since going to nursing school can be expensive enough already, being able to cut costs can help a lot.

You Can Get Better Quality Elsewhere

The truth is that for many clinical items that people have to buy for nursing school, the quality is going to be better if you shop at a store that specializes in selling medical equipment versus the college bookstore. Sure, you might be able to find a stethoscope in your college bookstore that will work well for your clinicals, for example, but if you buy one from a medical supply shop, you might find that it will last you for many years after you graduate. There is no reason to opt for low-quality supplies when you're planning on being a nurse for many years to come, so consider going ahead and buying higher-quality supplies now so that you will not have to buy them later.

Enjoy a Wider Selection

College bookstores often sell a few basic supplies and packages for their nursing students. A medical supply store, however, generally has a huge selection of various items that you might need. This means that if you're having trouble finding a pair of scrubs that fit you properly in your college bookstore, you might find more sizes -- and a wider selection of colors and patterns -- by shopping at a medical supply store. If it's a stethoscope that you're shopping for, you might find that the few options that are available in your college bookstore fit in your ears uncomfortably. However, you can often choose from different models at a medical supply store, so you may be more likely to find a stethoscope that is comfortable for you.

So many nursing students think that they should buy all of their nursing school supplies from the college bookstore. However, this generally is not necessary and often is not the best idea. Consider asking your instructor for a list of supplies; then, you can look for some of them at a medical supply store like Medi-Rents & Sales Inc. This will allow you to enjoy these benefits and more.

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