Is CBD Oil Right For Your Child's Epilepsy Treatment?

Children with epilepsy often go through problematic and even painful seizures that require specialized care to manage. Typically, your child will be on many anti-seizure medications to ensure they don't suffer from any complications. However, CBD oil may be a useful alternative or secondary treatment for this painful situation.

Epilepsy Can Be A Serious Problem

Children who suffer from epilepsy may have a seizure at just about any point. For example, they may have one while they are doing their homework and fall on the ground in their room. However, they may also have one while they are playing with friends and suffer from issues that their peers cannot help them to manage.

As a result, epilepsy can be not only a painful condition but a dangerous one. People with this disease are often three times more likely to suffer sudden death than those without them. This danger means that you need to find a treatment method or methods that protect your child's health.

The Effect CBD Oil Has On Seizures

Several studies have been taken on CBD oil to gauge what kind of effect it has on multiple diseases. To the surprise of many doctors, it was found that this oil does have positive effects on seizures. While many of these studies had issues, the frequency of their positive results indicate that there is a very likely connection between seizures and CBD oil.

In fact, one study actually found that CBD oil actually worked about as well as many medical treatments for managing seizure frequency. While that is a very positive result, it doesn't mean a child can rely only on CBD oil for managing seizures. However, it does mean that a dose of this oil may help them manage a broad array of epilepsy symptoms more effectively.

Dosing Requires A Careful Approach

While CBD oil appears to have a positive effect on many symptoms of epilepsy, it is important to experiment with a dose that is right for your child. For example, a very small dose is usually a good way to start. Overdoing it may cause side effects in your child, such as drowsiness and confusion. While CBD oil does negate many of these adverse effects, there is still a small chance your child may experience them.

It is also important to spread your child's dose out through the day to ensure that their CBD oil coverage is complete. It is also important to talk to a doctor about the possible use of CBD oil. These professionals can help you find a dosage that is right for your child and find a way to integrate this alternate treatment method with their current medical help.

That's because CBD oil should not be used as a single treatment for epilepsy. However, its many obvious and positive effects showcase a useful way of managing the severity of epilepsy symptoms. Give your child the chance to live a normal life by using CBD oil to help with their seizures. To learn more about CBD oil, contact a company like Herbstrong.

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