The Mckenzie Method Can Manage Your Back Pain And Restore Your Social Life

Millions of people are affected by back pain every day, and yet they strive to stay focused on their work, social, and family responsibilities. Unfortunately, some back pain may seriously affect your social life and make you feel personally isolated. Thankfully, McKenzie Method physical therapy may help you get out of this situation and feel better about life.

Back Pain May Affect Your Social Life

Back pain may make it harder to get out of the house to do things that you love, such as going to sports games, visiting family members, or even going out to eat. Your back pain may limit your social interaction so much that you have a hard time meeting with anybody and even end up losing friends.

This situation is particularly difficult if your pain seems to be hard to treat with more traditional pain management or physical therapy options. As a result, you need to do what you can – including using the McKenzie Method – to get around this situation.

How the McKenzie Method May Help

The McKenzie Method is a unique method of physical therapy that focuses on managing multiple elements of a person's pain. It starts out with the therapist evaluating the source of the pain using various types of movements and positions. For example, you may be asked to move your back in various ways to get a feeling for your limitations and where the pain likely originates in your back.

Then, treatment is undergone to manage this problem. Physical therapy under this method focuses on flexion, extension, and lateral shifts in your back. For example, you may stretch pinched nerves to help them relax or work tired or sore muscles to increase their strength. This method also helps play into prevention, which helps you avoid back pain and other types of problems in the future.

For example, you may learn stretches that you can do at home to decrease your pain and manage other symptoms. Critically, this type of care option is one that can be executed by a large number of people, which is what makes the McKenzie Method so powerful. Try to find a specialist who can teach you these methods to return to your social life without back pain.

If your back pain has turned you into a hermit and you want to break out of this unfortunate situation, seriously consider the McKenzie Method for your back pain treatment. This physical therapy option has become one of the most effective ways of managing various types of back pain and can help you stay on your feet and be happy for years to come.

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