Tips For Your First Month Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If your natural testosterone levels have fallen, leaving you feeling exhausted and beyond your age, testosterone replacement therapy can make a huge difference. Most patients noticed a marked difference within weeks of beginning treatment, but there are also some minor challenges you might experience during this time. Follow these four tips during your first month of testosterone replacement therapy to help smooth the transition and get the most from this treatment.

1. Pay close attention to the dose.

This is especially careful if you are using a gel or another topical application of testosterone. Your doctor will probably tell you to use 1/4 teaspoon of the gel, for example. It's tempting to just squeeze some out and rub it on, but if you use too much or not enough, your treatment won't be as effective. Use a measuring spoon to measure the cream or gel the first few times you use it. Soon, you'll learn exactly what 1/4 teaspoon (or the recommended amount) looks like, and you won't need to measure anymore. Do check your dose with the measuring spoon once a week or so to make sure you're still accurate.

2. Let your doctor know if something is bothering you.

Testosterone replacement therapy can cause side effects like mood swings and sleep disruptions. Often, these are just a sign that your dose is not dialed in quite right. So don't ignore them; tell your doctor about any symptoms that are bothering you. The doctor can adjust your dose to hopefully alleviate those symptoms while still allowing you to reap the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

3. Stay active.

You are probably going to feel quite a bit more energized once you begin treatment. To make sure this energy gets harnessed in a positive way, stay active. Go to the gym, take a jog around the block, or work out to a fitness video. You're less likely to experience the anger or nervousness that can come as a side effect when you start testosterone replacement.

4. Keep a journal.

Some men take testosterone supplements for a month or two and are not sure whether they have noticed an improvement in symptoms. So they stop the treatments — only to feel a lot worse and realize the testosterone really was helping. The best way to keep track of the improvements you do experience when taking testosterone is to keep a journal. Note your symptoms and how you're feeling each day, so you can track your improvements over time. 

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