Consistent Billing Practices

An EOB (Explanation Of Benefits) is routinely provided through an insurance company after ambulance services are provided. An EOB may not provide a client with the clarity they are seeking. An outside EMS billing team will itemize the services rendered and medical supplies used during an emergency response session. This will provide each client with a concise record of the amount being charged.

A Client's Perspective

A client who seeks medical care may not be familiar with the number of items that may be tacked onto an emergency services bill. Once an ambulance is dispatched, the mileage that is being covered and the baseline fee that an EMS provider charges become effective. These charges vary, based upon the actual distance that a driver covers and the standard fee amount that an EMS provider has imposed.

A client who is under duress will likely not be focusing on the financial aspects of their emergency. An itemized bill will probably not be mailed out until a client is home and recuperating. Those who do not have insurance will receive no other bill than the one that is generated by an emergency services provider. Those who do have insurance will receive the EMS bill and an EOB. A billing company that works with an EMS company will use a series of codes to prepare a bill that a recipient can easily comprehend.

EMS Billing Agency Services

  • the exchange of critical documents
  • the formatting of bills
  • the usage of universal and custom billing codes
  • the delivery of billing documents

An Emergency Provider's Needs

Many EMS companies use codes that are independent of the ones used in hospitals or at other medical facilities. These codes represent the condition that a patient was in when an EMS team arrives at the address that they were dispatched to. Because a health condition can change after a patient arrives at a licensed medical facility, the EMS codes that are used should not pertain to the diagnosis of a patient.

A service team that conducts billing will use the codes that an EMS provider has outlined. Additionally, billing service providers will follow the transport, medical supply, and equipment fees that an EMS team has imposed. Upon billing a client, a billing team will return all of the documented paperwork back to the emergency service provider. Accurate bills that are legible and consistent with one another will prevent costly mistakes and help an EMS provider keep track of their profit margin.

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