5 Common Mistakes To Avoid After Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you are very overweight and have trouble losing weight through diet and exercise, you may be thinking about getting gastric bypass surgery. The surgical procedure has helped so many people lose weight and get healthy over the years. However, in order to have successful results, you have to follow specific guidelines after the procedure.

Here are a few common mistakes you should avoid making after gastric bypass surgery.

Not Following Your Post-Op Diet

After gastric bypass surgery, you will not be able to eat the same diet you consumed before the procedure. You will have to drastically cut your calories. For the first week or two, your surgeon may ask you to only consume liquids. Overeating can hinder your weight loss goals and make you feel sick, so stick to your diet.

Forgetting to Take Your Vitamins

Gastric bypass patients have to take vitamins because they are eating so few calories. Otherwise, you may experience health issues after a while, such as hair loss, fatigue, memory loss, tooth decay, and loss of bone density. Ask your surgeon about all the vitamins you need to take.

Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

While drinking a cocktail occasionally may be enjoyable, you will want to avoid drinking alcohol right after gastric bypass surgery. These drinks have no nutritional value, but they may contain a lot of calories. Since your stomach is so small now, you may also feel the effects of alcohol a lot faster.

Neglecting to Drink Enough Water

Once you undergo gastric bypass surgery, it becomes even more important to drink water. By drinking at least eight cups of water a day, you can boost your energy levels and help your body heal faster. If you do not say hydrated, you can get dehydrated and hinder the healing process. Avoid drinking carbonated beverages, as they can upset your stomach.

Avoiding Exercise

After your surgeon has cleared you to exercise, you should definitely get moving. Regular exercise can help you lose weight consistently, gain strength, and improve your mood. Whether it is taking walks around your neighborhood or going to group fitness classes at the gym, exercise should become a normal part of your routine.

If you avoid making these common mistakes after your gastric bypass surgery, you can have a successful recovery. If you have additional questions about your recovery, you should get in touch with your surgeon as soon as possible. 

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