Preparing For Your Infusion Treatment

Sometimes, the best way to get medications or nutrients into your body is to have them infused into your bloodstream via an IV. While this is sometimes done in your doctor's office, it is becoming common for doctors to send their patients to professional IV infusion centers for this sort of treatment. If your doctor has advised you to schedule an infusion, here are some things you should do to prepare for the visit.

Get a written copy of your doctor's orders. 

Your doctor may send their request directly to the infusion center. However, it is still good to have your own, paper copy of your doctor's orders and instructions on hand. If your doctor does not give you one, call and ask for one. They can generally email you a copy that you can print out. This way, you can hand the orders to the practitioner when you arrive at the IV treatment center. They'll review them and double-check that they're giving you the right medication or nutrient blend. This approach helps prevent accidental errors in which you're given the wrong infusion because your doctor forget to send instructions, or because someone misread something.

Hydrate, if recommended.

Some medications work best if you have them infused while you're well hydrated. Other infusions are specifically formulated to hydrate you, so it makes less sense to hydrate before your appointment. If your doctor has not told you whether or not to hydrate, ask them. If you do need to hydrate, start early. Sipping water over time, rather than chugging a whole lot at once, helps ensure you absorb more of the water into your cells.

Go to the bathroom, first.

An infusion can take an hour or more, depending on how hydrated you are and the volume that needs to be infused. If you really need to get up and use the bathroom during the infusion, it's often possible, but it's a challenge. The practitioner will need to disconnect the IV while you go. So, it's wise to use the restroom before your IV session begins. If you live a ways from the IV treatment clinic, consider planning to arrive a few minutes early so you can use the bathroom there before your treatment.

IV infusions can be really helpful for various patients. Just make sure you prepare properly by following the tips above.

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